The Swedish Championships is taking place in Linköping (200 km south of Stockholm) 30 June - 15 July. The organisers of the event, the local chess club Linköpings ASS, will be broadcasting the games from the GM group live on the Internet.

The GM group will play each day 1-14 July (except for 7 July). All games will be played between 14:00-21:00 CET except for the last round (14 July) which will be played between 10:00-17:00 CET.

The Swedish Championships 2001

We hope you will enjoy the games of Pia Cramling, Jonny Hector, Evgenij Agrest, Tiger Hillarp Persson et al, and the young stars Emanuel Berg, Pontus Carlsson and Anders Olsson.

Linköpings Allmänna Schacksällskap and the Swedish Chess Federation

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